My First Blog

Picket Fence Crafts has gone through several transformations as we approach our 5th year anniversary.  The salt dough pumkins in this photo are one of the original crafts I started my shop with.  My love for nature, leaves and pumpkins in particular, prompted me to create these little gems.  My early shop days included attending various festivals and craft fairs, hauling my wares to and fro.  I quickly discovered that selling online was much easier on my back as well as my pocketbook! 

Quiet fall days when the sun is shining, when the leaves are falling and dancing in the streets, when pumpkins are beginning to appear on porches, and when  the breeze is blowing ever so slightly.......this is where my happiness begins. Of course, I give tribute to my God and Creator for the glorious earth and all that is in it.  I can connect to Him through nature.  So can you.  Just listen for his voice.  He is calling you.