Salt Dough Dog Bones

It's that time of the year.  The time when we are blessed with dozens upon dozens of Salt Dough Dog Bone Orders.  We prepare all year long for the Dog Bone Christmas Season.  These popular Christmas ornaments are crafted from hand made, old fashion, salt dough.  In the beginning it took me a couple of weeks of mixing and baking every day all day to get the right recipe for preparing the dough and baking the dough so that it did not bubble or curl or become dry and brittle.  AHH.  It's a secret that I passed along to my husband, Lyell.  He now makes all of my salt dough batches.  Of course I still roll out the dough and bake, but he is the master at mixing the salt, water and flour in just that special way and will soon blossom into rolling the dough as well (little does he know). 

After they are baked to perfection, they are sent to my sister, Cheryl's for the painting.  She knows how to paint a mean dog bone.....I had to recently take lessons from her!  She broke her ankle and has been out of commission for a short while so I needed picked up the slack.

Once they are painted, the detail is added, they are sprayed to a delicate shine.  At this point, they are passed back to Lyell who curls the wire and then attaches the wire to the bone.  Then - back to me for the ribbon and they are ready for a doggie name.   The fun part.  When we get the orders, some of the doggie names are incredibly cute. 

We are ready for you!  Place your order early to get the best choice in colors!!